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Michael Baker

Vault Tip: Cleaning Up Your Vault Client Login

Working with the file “LoginHistory.xml” users can remove Vaults no longer available from the client login choice dropdown list. The LoginHistory.xml file can be found in the following system folder running on the Win 8.1 system platform. C:\Users\ ....
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Michael Baker

Vault Tips - Habits to Break with Vault

As I work with clients just beginning with Autodesk Vault, I always see habits from previous file management creep into a vault-managed work environment. I thought it would be a good idea to review three habits to break with Vault in place. 1) Using ...
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Michael Baker

Vault Tips - Checking the Autodesk Vault File Category Filter

During an Autodesk Vault fine tuning process, I discovered a slight change in the Vault category filter check. In your rule panel, you may have set a rule that checks to see if an Inventor drawing is using the .dwg extension, something like below (No...
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Michael Baker

Vault Tips - Packing Your Inventor Project for Customer Delivery from Vault

One of our clients had a requirement to transmit a completed engineering project, all the data associated to the project, to the paying client, this led to a conversation about Pack & GO. The makeup of the folder definitions in the Vault are very...
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Paul Munford

Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal, Flat pattern success – Every time!

Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal, Flat pattern success – Every time! Seven tips to guarantee that Your Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal models will flat pattern without errors. 'Failure in creating flat pattern'. Who needs it? No-one wants to create an Aut...
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