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Olivier Gervais

Working from home with Autodesk Advance Steel

These past days, everyone is talking about it. It is taking unprecedent proportions, employers fear it! COVID-19 pandemic announcements have a real impact on businesses. Rest assured, there are solutions for your business and they cost much less than...
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Gary Edwards

BIM Compliant Document Management for Architects and Engineers

No matter if you already have a good basic understanding of the current suite of 1192 documents and ISO 19650, or you are just starting to investigate the standard, you will probably have some outstanding questions around defining the most cost-effec...
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Dave Talbot

Export Advance Steel to Inventor STEP or IGES File Format

Workflows between different Autodesk solutions can sometimes be a bit convoluted but most people will come up with a sensible work around that ultimately gives them a solution but may be somewhat cumbersome. One topic that rears its head from time to...
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Frank Lemus

Revit 2020.1 Update is Now Available

The latest update for Revit 2020 has a few new enhancements to offer, including:  Replacing the 3D analytical model with a view that displays analytical spaces with the model categories set as an underlay. The ability to set rows in schedules to...
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Frank Lemus

Autodesk's New Seat Usage Reporting

Overview Now more than ever is a great time to switch to Autodesk's subscription model. Autodesk just anounced that they are now providing usage reports on their Autodesk software. You will now be able to know what software (specific product and year...
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Sophia Li

Part Marks Not Matching Drawing Number in Advance Steel

Issue: You are using the "With Drawing Number" numbering method, but you see that some part marks do not match the drawing number of your single part drawing. This could have happened after you moved details to another sheet to consolidate. Solution:...
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Frank Lemus

Updates Required

Updates Required for Continued Access to Autodesk Software   Tuesday, June 11, 2019   Recently, Autodesk discovered a " man-in-the-middle " (MITM) loophole in their software. Autodesk has since fixed the loophole on the newest Autodesk soft...
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Sophia Li

Advance Steel Crashing after installing the Powerpack for Advance Steel

We have been getting a lot of support cases where Advance Steel is crashing on startup after installing the Powerpack for Advance Steel. When the user launches Advance Steel, it crashes immediately with the following error messages:    The ...
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Sophia Li

How to reset Advance Steel tool palettes back to default

Have you ever ran into a situation where you held down the right mouse button a bit too long on an Advance Steel tool palette and accidentally clicked on some red x's? Next thing you know, you are missing some tools. Don't panic! You do not need to r...
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Sophia Li

How to change weld symbol to show inches only

To have the weld symbol show inches only (ex. for weld pitch), you will need to set your prototype Length units to Fractional Inch under Project Settings. When you create drawings from that prototype and add weld symbols, you will be able to enter 12...
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