BIM For Manufacturing

BIM for manufacturing may seem at first glance to be a bit of a misnomer given that for many BIM seems to be inherent in the construction space. But as the evolution and adoption of BIM continues to accelerate at an exponential rate, the importance of businesses involved in manufacturing for construction projects is becoming more readily apparent as the process evolves.

mechanicalBIMWith manufacturers increasingly being asked for BIM (Revit Model) data, it is becoming progressively essential that manufacturers in the construction space create Revit ready models, ensure that they are distributed to existing construction customers and more importantly expand their services to additional POTENTIAL future customers at the same time.

Being able to offer Revit ready content will almost certainly be a major plus point for any manufacturing for construction company going forward, and it could also be a contributing factor for deciding who a contract is given to when tenders are awarded, as construction companies, building owners and principal contractors will want to work with suppliers that make their own BIM requirements as seamless as possible.

Providing BIM ready data will increase the chances of your products being specified within a design community whether this be for "big buildings" commercial developments or most importantly institutions and government projects. But in order to achieve this you will need to create and supply the correct content in order to be seen potentially as a preferred supplier for BIM focused projects.

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For more information about BIM in general a useful resource is the Graitec BIM White Paper which details the emergence of BIM in the global and specifically the UK marketplace, as well as referencing key Government documentation and other useful articles.

Alternatively you could also visit our BIM resources page which has a wide range of further BIM resources applicable to construction and also BIM for manufacturers in the construction supply chain.


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