exterior verified viewA verified view for planning applications is another form of 3D exterior visualization and essentially portrays is a visual representation of a proposed development or on a smaller scale a large or small extension.

Quite often architectural developments and extensions purely submitted in 2D CAD format can cause concern with both planners and neighbors as it is easy to misconstrue 2D drawings. This often means that potential objectors and planners simply can’t visualize the finished project, so as is quite natural objections can occur or planning can be refused as the finished development impact may be unclear.

You may also find your designs are sometimes restricted by rules and regulations imposed upon them by planning permissions or other relevant approvals may be needed. By using 3D visualizations to create verified views you can create accurate representations of what your completed project will look like in its proposed environment. 

beach house visualThis allows scope for any unforeseeable altercations so they can be resolved quickly and efficiently, and verified views also give planners a true insight of the development and are far better positioned to assess the level of any potential impact to the environment.

Our visualization team work with you to deliver verified views that achieve the desired outcome for your project by producing intelligent designs showing the location and size of a project, the visibility of the proposal itself and the architectural form and use of materials involved.

In addition we can also add landscaping elements as required so we can transform your images into accurate visual representations for any prospective site, in any environment to suit, by rendering a 3D visualization that is skilfully merged with a real photograph for maximum accuracy of your proposal.

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