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Graitec USA hosts and attends various seminars. events and trade exhibitions to help both current and future clients reap the benefits of the latest design and support systems we offer.

With Autodesk technology offering businesses even greater opportunites to gain a competitive advantage in their marketplaces knowledge and vision are key, so if you would like information about other Autodesk CAD software or would like to set up an event please give us a call.

Current Events:

Top Ten Tips for Revit Beginnersrevit top ten tips for beginners webinar

If you’re fairly new to Autodesk Revit and looking for ways to quickly get up to speed, we have a great webinar lined up for you. Learn tips and tricks to get the most out of your user experience.

Maintenance to Subscription Web Series

Autodesk has made the move to a subscription model. With this change in licensing, there are opportunities to switch your current maintenance plan over to subscription.

Escape your Project Inefficiency Traps

AEC Webinar Escape your project inefficiency traps

Discover the project workflows that solve your inefficiency problems

Our experts help you solve the most common Building Design and Infrastructure issues

Join Autodesk technical experts as they explore the inefficiency traps that are derailing your AEC projects and harming your profit margins. How can you break free from these traps? Discover the workflows that will free up your time from manual admin, rework and loss of data, and will allow you to focus on delighting your clients and winning more work instead.


AEC Collection for Land Development Webinar

Join us in this webinar as we demonstrate how your land development project can benefit from the Autodesk AEC Collection – the best tool for the job!

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