Graitec Advance BIM Designers

Advance BIM DesignersAdvance BIM Designers are a family of apps designed specifically for structural design, modelling and documentation, empowering an effective and adaptable BIM workflow.

With the ability to run on either a multiple or standalone platform, including popular software such as Revit and Advance Steel, BIM Designers covers a whole range of structural disciplines.

GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers represent the core BIM concept of a ‘single-model’ approach and are set to lead the next-generation of BIM software applications for automation, design optimization and complete interoperability.

Concrete Series

Graitec Advance BIM Designers – Concrete Series is a specialised toolset specifically developed for users that undertake Rebar Detailing in Revit, or Rebar structural design using the Revit platform.

The Concrete Series delivers a range of tools that enhance typical rebar detailing and design workflows and deliver excellent productivity gains using design-driven reinforcement calculations for 3D cage modelling, automated documentation production for reinforced concrete columns, beams and footings and more.

Concrete Series is integrated with Autodesk Revit® as a powerful Revit Rebar plugin, Advance Design and is also available as a standalone solution.

Follow the link to find out more about Graitec Advance BIM Designers – Concrete Series and how they help improve rebar detailing and design tasks.

Graitec bim designers

Steel Series

Steel Connection Designer

The Steel Connection Designer ensures the configuration of a seamless solution, with the ability to manage and calculate bolted and welded joints, and with fully detailed design reports that include the calculation formulas and reference to the design code.

Stair & Railing Designer

BD SR Ribbon

The Stair & Railing Designer gives you a set of tools that enables you to generate balanced & saddled stairs along with railing components quickly and easily in your Autodesk Advance Steel model. Each command is macro driven like the Advance Steel structural elements and allow you to adjust and position various components based on detailing needs via the tabs based dialog box.

Check out the below preview of the saddled stair and wall mounted handrail in action.

Graitec Stair Railings Saddled Stair with Handrail Youtube

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