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Graitec USA offers Professional Autodesk Inventor Training - Maximize your business productivity today with an Autodesk Inventor training course. As a Certified Autodesk Training Center in Houston, we are able to deliver training in a classroom based environment, in your business or alternatively you could even supplement your learning with using our flexible or Certified Autodesk Inventor online training offering.

Inventor-training-coursesAutodesk Inventor is the worlds best selling 3D modelling and digital prototyping software, Inventor software brings mechanical, engineering and product design productivity to new heights and shortens design cycle times.

Autodesk Inventor courses are designed to enable businesses to utilize the extended capabilities of Inventor software and start to benefit from the power of 3D modeling and digital prototyping across multiple disciplines.

Inventor training courses available range from entry level training to get your business started with 3D digital design, and extend to cover the other AutoCAD Inventor specialist modules and software variants.

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Inventor Courses available include:

Inventor Essentials Training

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Inventor Essentials Training Overview

Inventor Essentials Training - For designers who have had some exposure to 3D design. This course covers the essentials of 3D parametric design. 

Inventor Intermediate Training

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Inventor Intermediate Training Overview

Inventor Update Training - for existing Inventor users who require comprehensive training in the latest Inventor software release updates.

Inventor Intermediate Training - Designers who have completed the Foundation/Essentials course. We recommend 3 core modules, with an option for 3 additional modules, if required. 

Inventor Advanced Part Modelling - to build on the skills acquired in the Inventor Essentials course by taking students to a higher level of productivity when designing part models in Inventor.

Inventor Advanced Assembly Modelling - you will be taught how various Inventor tools can be used to achieve Top-Down Design practices in your assemblies using Derive, Multi-Body Design, and Layouts. 

Inventor Transitioning Training - Autodesk Inventor transitioning training will provide you the skills required to get up and running with Inventor. Building on your current or previous experience with other 3D design and modelling packages to quickly and efficiently enable you to create production quality designs.

Importing Inventor Models Into Showcase - The course will introduce the Inventor user to the advanced presentation tools within Autodesk Showcase. This will include; materials, lighting, and animation. The course will cover exporting photo-realistic images


Inventor Advanced Training Courses

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Inventor Sheet Metal Training - Inventor Sheet Metal Design introduces the concepts and techniques of sheet metal modelling with Autodesk Inventor. The structure of the course follows the typical stages of using Inventor. That is, to create sheet metal parts, edit them, generate flat patterns, and document the designs in drawings. 

Inventor I-Logic Essentials - For user familiar with Inventor functionality but wanting to drive automation and productivity using Inventor's powerful I-Logic tools. 

Inventor Rendering & Animation - Designers who have completed the Foundation/Essentials and Intermediate course, or someone who is a competent user and wishes to expand their knowledge of Inventor's rendering and animation capabilities.

Inventor Professional Training Courses

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Inventor and Inventor Professional Update training - For existing users looking to maximize productivity by using Inventor and Inventor Professional's latest features.

Inventor Routed Systems Essentials - Learn the fundamental principles and recommended workflows for creating and documenting rigid tubing, flexible hose, and piping systems using Autodesk® Inventor® software. Hands-on exercises representing real-world, industry-specific design scenarios are included. 

Inventor Cable and Harness Training - This hands-on course covers the basic features of electrical cable & harness features in Inventor Professional.

Inventor Tooling Essentials Training - Those who want to get to grips with the primary features of Autodesk Inventor Tooling.

Inventor Dynamic Simulation - Learn the fundamental principles and recommended workflows for analyzing designs and creating dynamic simulations of mechanisms using Autodesk® Inventor® Professional. Users learn how to validate digital prototypes by simulating the operation of mechanisms and motorized assemblies. 

Inventor FEA Stress Analysis Course - Learn the fundamental principles and recommended workflows for analyzing designs and creating FEA simulations using Autodesk® Inventor® Professional. Learn how to analyze parts and assemblies, perform parametric design studies, and use modal analysis. 

Inventor courses tend to range from 1 to 4 days depending on the course title but in a majority of cases users will need to have attended the Inventor essentials course before attempting any of the other course modules.

In addition to our Inventor training portfolio we also offer a range of Autodesk Vault training courses, Vault implementation and Autodesk Vault support for clients moving forward with their data management requirements.

To find out more about the Inventor training packages or for further information about Inventor courses or Inventor software in general please call us on (281) 445-6161.


*Graitec USA only offers employer-sponsored employee training. Employers must have proof of student's employment to register for training.

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