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Janet Black

Ideal settings to have for the Model Browser in Advance Steel 2018

Advance Steel 2018 Tool Palette.jpg
Advance Steel 2018 Model Browsing.jpg
Advance Steel 2018 ideal settings for model browser.jpg
Advance Steel 2018 ideal settings for model browser results.jpg

Advance Steel 2018 Ideal browser settings helps you identify if elements in the structure have a model role and numbered etc. If you have created drawings it even lets you locate the drawing number the element is detailed on. You have the option to view, check and efficiently change certain aspects of multiple elements quickly and efficiently by selecting the Edit properties box. Access the Model ...
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Todd Rogers

InfraWorks 2018.2


Autodesk has released version 2018.2. This release has a ton of enhancements. Those enhancements are listed below... What's New help index First off, check out the What's New in Autodesk InfraWorks help topic, which has hyperlinks to learning resources for features that have seen updates or improvements, as well as new functionality. You can also see which features were introduced in previous...
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Janet Black

How to Show Holes in Folded Plate in Advance Steel

AS Mgmt Tools
AS Button
AS Default button

Have you ever created a folded plate using the with or without position adjustment tool then used the holes option from the Objects Tab Switch panel to create holes on various surfaces of the plate? You then create the shop drawings, you realize after drawing creation some of your holes were missing on some of the faces of the folded plate. Annoying to the max, however you can show the holes in th...
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Michael Baker

Organizing the look of Vault

Vault OrgLookFig1
Vault OrgLookFig2
Vault OrgLookFig3
Vault OrgLook Fig4
Vault OrgLook Fig5
Vault OrgLookFig6
Vault OrgLookFig7
Vault OrgLookFig8
Vault OrgLookFig9
Vault OrgLookFig10
Recently, I presented a short webcast on working with Vault from a daily operations point of view. Many items were reviewed during the webcast. One of those was the ability to apply fitters to the “ Main Pane ” view of the Vault, providing an easy way to organize the display of your files. Let’s get started setting up how you want your “ Main Pane ” to appear, just for you. The figure below repres...
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Janet Black

How to Center the Text in the Grid Bubble Using Advance Steel 2018

Advance Steel Management Tools
AS_Before Changes
AS afterchanges gridbubble

I had a client concerned about the placement of the text in the grid bubble. He noticed that the text was not centered as he would have them. You are able to customize and adjust the text in Advance Steel 2018. The grid line text bubble can be modified from the Advance Steel Management tools “ Default ” category. Simply select the “ Use filter ” box and type ball in the field just below. Expand th...
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Janet Black

How to Use a Customized Prototype Created in Default Location in Advance Steel 2018

Whoa, I’ve opened the Prototypes folder located in C/ProgramData/Autodesk/Advance Steel 2018/USA/shared/Support/Prototypes. I copied an existing prototype and created a custom Prototype (Title block) for my company and saved it in this default location of Advance Steel. I create drawings and Advance Steel is using the Prototype aka Title blocks from the default setup, not my customized Prototypes....
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Todd Rogers

Crashing Issues with NVIDIA Graphics Card

Autodesk products will have a random application startup crash on systems using an NVidia Quadro graphics card. You can read the resolution here .
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Janet Black

How to Display the Edit Object Type List Command in Advance Steel 2018

In Advance Steel , you can see information about certain elements you hover over depending on certain criteria you select from the Edit Object List. For example: the main and single Part name and number, material, coating, weight, exact weight, section class and profile etc. However, when you select the Edit Object List icon, nothing happens. Well today, I am going to show you how to get that func...
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Janet Black

How to create a BOM of selected elements using the model browser Queries option in Advance Steel 2018

You want to create a BOM based on certain elements in a structure or certain selected elements in Advance Steel. You can create a query in Advance Steel of certain criteria in your structure based on your selected preference in the Search filter. The Search filter is located on the Advance Steel Management Tools Palette, selection category. You can create queries based on the object type, Common p...
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Janet Black

How to Change the Slope Dimensions to Display in Inches or Only Degree in Advance Steel 2018

When working in Advance Steel, there are different setting options for slope dimensions. If your setting is set to display in feet, you can change it to inches or degrees. Let's take a look at how you can do this. ISSUE You have created a drawing which have sloped dimensions on it. You want the dimensions to display in inches rather than feet. Perhaps you have a client that wants to have the slope...
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